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Thursday, 2 August 2018

29 YouTube Playlists

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Prepare yourself and your family and DOWNLOAD what you want before they remove all videos. For many videos you will need a proxy server.
You can download videos for free at acethinker.com and there are other free software's and free websites were you can download blocked videos but I will not post it here as it might be read by unwelcome individuals and may be removed like it already has happened with many free software's and websites. 
YouTube is in a frenzy of deletion, censorship and making videos appear PRIVATE. 
For Example; Over a 7 year period that I have been following Geopolitics and many other topics and before the ADL joined YouTube, there was only about 10 videos deleted from Terrorism Playlist. Since the ADL (Jewish Anti-Defamation League) joined (about June 2017) YouTube to remove "hateful" videos, in one year period they have removed more than half of the videos, See Terrorism Playlist.

1Jesus the true Messiah according to Old Testament: over 50 major prophecies fulfilled & Catholic Church Is The NEW ISRAEL

2World War 3
3. Donald Trump and QAnon Exposed

4. Jewish Antichrist: the false Messiah

5. FATIMA PROPHECY and the Errors of Russia-which is Global Zionism



8. THE GREAT CATHOLIC APOSTASY (see also One World Religion Playlist)


10. NDE and HELL

11. UFO's and demonic deceptions


13. 9/11 and missing $$$ 2.3 TRILLION

14. RUSSIAN “Hacking” & Chemical Attacks in Syria…

15. PERVERSION, army of the Antichrist 

16. Holocaust or HOLOHOAX: you decide

17. BANKS, Nation takeover

18. MEDIA 

19. ALT-RIGHT and “Racism”

20. U.S.A. ( America)



23. ASSASSINATIONS and attempts



26. Police State, Eugenics. Agenda 21

27. 5 Eyes

28. Prophecies, Relaxation…

29. Neomi Klein