“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”. George Orwell

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

29 YouTube Playlists

Please take time to read:

I and my friend were away for about 3 years. Came back late 2018, to catch up on human "progress" and to update various information, links and Playlists.

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There is a total of twenty nine Playlists of which twenty three are somewhat finished: systematically organized and chastity checked which means out of thousands of videos about 20 videos have some swearing or immodesty. The Playlists are: World War 3, Media, Secret Societies, New World Order, Five Eyes, European Union, U.S.A., One Religion, UFO, NDE, Fatima Prophecy, Nation & World Takeover, Christian Persecution, The Great Catholic Apostasy, Russian Hacking, Naomi Klein, Jews Converting to Catholicism, Holocaust, 9/11, Assassinations, Donald Trump, Alt Right and Jewish Antichrist.

Six Playlists are not finished and are probably not chastity checked and these are: Police State, Terrorism, Perversion, Perfect & Hidden Possessions, Education and Prophecies.

29 Playlists are introduction to various topics while REAL NEWS (a must see), posted right below, will continue explaining and expanding knowledge on various topics.

Playlists are unlisted and accessible only through direct links, so if you want to share make sure to select URL address (web address) of this BLOG POST or any Playlist or video, copy it and share with others.

Prepare yourself and your family and DOWNLOAD what you want before they remove all videos. Just download it as is. It is organized according to topic and somewhat systematically; that is, one video leads to the next one and the story develops more. It will be useful in the near future. I know the owner of the YouTube channel and he is uploading, frequently, deleted videos. I will post a new link here, on this blog post, as to where he will upload Playlists next, in case his YouTube channel gets deleted. Probably to BitChute.

For many videos you will need a proxy server, as Zionist Jews are blocking even video downloads.

You can download videos for free at acethinker.com. There are other free software's and free websites were you can download blocked videos but I will not post it here as it might be read by unwelcome individuals and consequently may be removed. It already happened with many free software's and websites. 

YouTube is in a frenzy of deletion, censorship and making videos appear PRIVATE.

Over a 10 year period that I have been following geopolitics and many other topics and before the ADL and other Zionist PSYOP groups joined YouTube to police "hate speech" there was only about 10 videos deleted from Terrorism Playlist. Since the ADL (Jewish Anti-Defamation League) joined (about June 2017) YouTube to remove "hateful" videos, in one year period they have removed more than half of the videos, See Terrorism Playlist. 

I personally never watch TV, news or follow any YouTube channels as I have entered the highest spiritual life which requires very high morality. See my explanation of Catholic Spiritual Life.

Videos asking you to sign in means censorship. They don't want you to see that particular video and their data shows that people usually skip videos where they have to sign in.

29 YouTube Playlists: click on any Playlist and watch....

1Jesus the true Messiah according to Old Testament: over 50 major prophecies fulfilled & Catholic Church Is the NEW ISRAEL with the NEW COVENANT
Please share first Playlist with good will (Luke 2:14) Jews you may know and more importantly share Maria Valtorta's writings which will show to them that Jesus is the True Messiah. Her eBooks are free, posted on my MAIN PAGE. Here is were you can buy them: valtorta.org. As I said more information on my MAIN PAGE.
Taken from Goldstein Letters, by David Goldstein (a Jewish convert to Catholicism): Why Jews Become Catholic
This is good to share with Jews: 351 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus, Old Testament compared to New Testament PDF
Genesis 12:3 I shall bless those who bless you, and shall curse those who curse you, and all clans on earth will bless themselves by you.'
This quote refers to the continuation of the Covenant which was renewed after Jesus's sacrifice, onto the whole world through the Catholic Church.
1 Corinthians 11:25  In the same way He took the cup also, after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” "In My blood" means the sacraments of Baptism, H. Eucharist and other sacraments...God makes covenant (friendship) with us. The NEW COVENANT/friendship is based on free will of each individual person who chooses to enter into it through the Sacraments. A way which God designed and wishes. God grants Sanctifying Grace (real chosen people) to each individual who chooses to enter into friendship with Him. Some gifts contained in Sanctifying Grace are: Faith, Hope, Charity along with many other gifts....You can't just say I believe or I have Faith, this is only possible with infused Grace.
Each time you receive the sacraments you do so in the State of Grace and as such you are persevering, faithful to the Lord. And by doing so we remember His faithfulness to the Law and virtues and do likewise, imitating Him. Majority of people don't want to enter into it not because of ignorance as some like to promote but because they don't want to obey the Law.
John 4:22 You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for such the Father seeks to worship him.
Salvation is not from the Jews. Zionist like quoting Genesis 12:3 and John 4:22 but ignore 23, which immediately announces worship of God in spirit and truth through the NEW COVENANT. 
Since Jews are rejecting the truth: The Catholic Church, Sacraments, and Jesus who is author of truth....therefore salvation does not come from the Jews but from Catholic Church who preserves moral and spiritual health of a nation.
Jesus explains faithfulness to One's Nation
See One Religion Playlist. 
Church Fathers on John 4:19-27
John 4:22 taken in full content announces Salvation which is to come from God who used Jewish people as a means of coming into the world to announce world's Salvation from Original Sin and Satan. God existed before Jews and the fall of Adam and Eve happened before Jews even existed. God could have used Chinese, Persians or any other nationality. St. Peter or St Paul could have been St. Ching Chao and St. Zhing Zu. Not to take all away from the Jews but in justice give them their due: The good, faithful Jews did participate in the plan of God through covenants and the Law and many of them payed dearly, especially the prophets. He chose Jews who were to announce his coming as a prophetic people who were to serve as an example of justice and truth, in which they have failed.

3. Donald Trump and QAnon Exposed

Antichrist as described in the writings of Maria Valtorta fits description of Trump and/or Jared Kushner. Note that the tradition and prophecies of the Antichrist describe him as coming from the Jews (doesn't have to be a Jew), or being a Jew or at least practicing Jewish laws for a time period.

4. Jewish Antichrist: the false Messiah (MUST WATCH)
Before he worked for the Jewish bankers, Winston Churchill wrote, "It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical."
("The Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People," Feb. 8, 1920)
Excerpt from Henry Makow's Illuminati-The Cult that Hijacked the World

5. FATIMA PROPHECY and the Errors of Russia-which is Global Zionism.
Is Russia converted or not? There is evidence for both. But in my opinion it's not as "the Errors" (Zionism) have spread and we are close to WW3 and the coming of the Antichrist. See Brandon O'Connell videos on Antichrist Playlist and also see Conspiracy Fact explained link.


Popes Against Freemasonry and Secret Societies
Popes against Atheistic Communism and New World Order
Are Popes Calling for a New World Order?
Catholic New World Order


Defeating New World Order is easy, first, each individual has to defeat his own sin, attain sanctity and then there would be order and peace since virtues people would outnumber sinful. Since this is impossible, salvation remains each individuals effort.

10. NDE and HELL

11. UFO's and demonic deceptions: like Project Blue Beam


13. 9/11 and missing $$$ 2.3 TRILLION

14. RUSSIAN “Hacking”, Chemical Attacks in Syria, US elections…

15. PERVERSION, army of the Antichrist 
St Anthony of the Desert: "A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us."
16. Holocaust or HOLOHOAX: You decide
Deleted and MOST CENSORED videos that can't be uploaded on YouTube will be uploaded here by a person I know. Holocaust is the most censored Playlist and videos on the topic get easily found by Google and are thus deleted or blocked in many countries or have features disabled. I watched only few videos for my eyes to be opened and they will be uploaded on the link provided.
Furthermore you can read just one book and watch few videos here: www.holocausthandbooks.com  

17. BANKS, Nation takeover

18. MEDIA 

19. ALT-RIGHT, Nationalism and “Racism”
Catholic Church preserves nations spiritual and moral health. Jesus explains faithfulness to One's Nation.

20. U.S.A. ( America)

21. CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION (see Antichrist Playlist before this one)
A wonderful sermon from St. John Chrysostom for Our Times

22. ONE WORLD RELIGION and Pope Francis

23. ASSASSINATIONS and attempts



26. Police State, Eugenics. Agenda 21

27. 5 Eyes
So you think that people in Canada, Great Britain, USA, Australia and New Zealand are safe? No, Zios are destroying these countries through Hollywood (perversion), media, mass immigration and eventually division results, aka. identity politics. You are losing more freedoms and having more and more control to keep you all "safe".

28. Prophecies, Relaxation…

29. Neomi Klein

NEW Playlists Coming

30. Beast System: 5 G, mark of the beast, mind control, how Antichrist will find you and starve nations, Kill Switch Diplomacy, The Talpiot Program, Belt and Road Initiative with Israel as the center of the world (with help of China and Russia).....This they will achieve with the help of China and Russia while at the same time destroy the west or at least get them all to fight each other and Israel will emerge as the next world superpower with Antichrist as leader for 3.5 years.
Website where you can buy EMF protection material: www.slt.co

YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter.... have purged real conspiracy researchers and journalists going back to 2009 up to 2018. Increasing dramatically in 2017 and 2018 as people started waking up, generally speaking, to weird politics, most notably US elections and immigration craziness. Simultaneously, all of a sudden, media started reporting on "sudden" increase in racism, white nationalism, alt right.... 
Furthermore Google censors searches on various topics and most recently Facebook started targeting and censoring Catholics. 
What remains is mostly Israeli counter intelligence PSYOP groups and mostly Jewish run or bought for $$$ (666) so called alternative news AND "Alt-Right" news, PSYOP "individuals" (Mossad agents). 
Here are few Mossad agents YouTube channels: George Webb, Jason Goodman, Fiona Barnett, Nathan Stolpman's Lift the Veil YouTube channel. They are all easy to recognize. Nathan is best at hiding it as he was an actor and has emotional intelligence. If you want the whole list contact Johnny Gat and he will send you a whole list of Mossad agents and other types of fakers. 
I will mention few things as to what their PSYOP is about: 
1. Doing real hate crimes and real hate speech so as to discredit real and factual researches and journalists and get them banned.
2. They are pushing weird, useless, time wasting, nonfactual and impure conspiracy theories and news so as to make real and factual conspiracy researchers and journalists look wacko, silly, dangerous and whatever other impure label they may find in their dictionary (mind) so as to have the government and social media take action against them.  
3. They are using the left to attack nations traditions and identity (see Jewish Antichrist Playlist).
4. They are using the right and apparently Trump (savior) is alt-right (see Trump Playlists), to easier push laws and ideas that otherwise would not pass. He's is the ultimate divide and conquer agent, just like Hitler. This is repeat of Soviet Union style takeover for the United States and the Whole World. There was a civil war for several years between reds and whites (patriots and Christians vs. everything else, mostly Atheism). And that's what they are planning for U.S. and the whole world. See Herve Ryssen Documentary, and see Alt-Right Playlists. 
Encyclical on Atheistic Communism.
Trump will help the Jews push laws that other wise would not pass, like: Anti-BDS law, 5G and 6G Internet, some sort of Internet control etc.
5. Highlighting the smallest real and or imaginary racism so as to increase division and fighting between various classes, races and whatever else AND therefore all are too sensitive and fearful to criticize Zio Jewish control over US government, media, banking, foreign wars...Not only that but laws are passed protecting Jews because of heightened culture wars. Here Holocaust bombardment keeps one paralyzed and pacified.
6. They are introducing false ideas and philosophies and sowing confusion, mixing truth and lies. Hence there is your Stefan Molyneux.
7. They have to accelerate the agenda of Greater Israel and thus finish with the war on Syria and more importantly next planned one on Iran and WW3.
8. Hide Jewish Zionist crimes around the world which have killed more than 2 million people in wars like: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan Syria, Sudan....And at the same time push white guilt and Holocaust education around the world. Israel and Zionists are evil planners while U.S. was a hired, confused and ignorant executioner. This may be surprising to you but they were behind Armenian genocide and most recently Myanmar genocide. (will provide a link here when video is uploaded).
9. They are pushing a New Age type of religion, we are all one, except for them, a kabbalistic world view.
10. They act weird and dangerous claiming to suffer from mental diseases and are taking medications. This is so, as to have in the future, in case something happens, MSM report; "you see conspiracy theorists are nuts".
11. They double speak: one video they are Christian or support Christianity the next video they are, in a subtle way discrediting and making fun of Christianity.
12. Draw audience away from real news and real and factual conspiracy researchers and journalists.

When I say "they" I don't necessary mean it's always the Zionist Jews but rather demons who move conscience of all people to a degree of their consent. See my Perfect and Hidden possessions post and Conspiracy Fact Explained which is posted above.

Anyway, there is more reason as to why they are doing this which is covered on various playlists.

I have put Fake News into 3 categories:
1. MSM, Main Stream Media which most of the time does report truth but in case of politics, cultural & social issues it twists facts, leaves out information, misinterprets information which sometimes comes from unanimous sources and most of the time has Jews as commentators. Hello CBC 
Here the Jewish owned media, especially those who are under more of their control, like the CNN, cooperates with PSYOP groups to make conspiracy researchers look crazy. Read no.10 above.
2. Here you have the so called alternative news network which is basically "intelligently" confused bunch of people trying to educate you about: religion, morality, social issues, politics etc. They are trying to replace Catholic Church on moral and social issues issues and MSM on political issues and social commentary. 

3. In third place you have a mix of 1 and 2 and Zionist PSYOPS. 

Real News I have organized into 2 categories:
1. Real, factual conspiracy researchers and journalists. they have knowledge, understanding and wisdom and above all they are telling the truth or at least think they are telling the truth. I did put channels that deal with conspiracies but they are backed by factual evidence from: laws being passed, MSM articles, speech, deeds etc. They are not marked by the Beast yet unless they give into temptation to lie.... or they are marked already by personal sins in their life.
2. Second type is a mix of 1 with bias, lack of knowledge and understanding, ignorance, naivete and to some extent have come under the influence of PSYOP groups like WeAreChange Luke Rudkowski. There are also Liberals and Liberalism is destruction of morality, religion and customs. But once you start watching some of their videos you can easily tell who is telling the truth and who is not.    

Some of them may be even "Christian" but they are not Catholic. They don't understand basic teachings (another sign they don't have the Gifts of the H. Spirit) of the Catholic Church or the situation through which the Catholic Church is going through right now, which is Modernism and Apostasy! They do good job on exposing the "GLOBALIST" agendas in society. Sometimes they spread errors and hate towards the Church.
Here I have listed the 2 categories of Real News:

Catholic News HERE. I will mention few notable Catholic news sources and researchers.
Dr Taylor Marshall YouTube channel and his website taylormarshall.com. Analytical, intelligent and systematic mind. My favorite Catholic to follow.
TheRemnant YouTube account. Great analysis of Catholic "world" and one of my favorite Catholics to follow.
Church Militant YouTube channel and their website, www.churchmilitant.com. Top Catholic source for all types of information, especially news. But you will have to go to their website and access archives to watch great documentaries.
Life Site News YouTube channel and www.lifesitenews.com and on Facebook
TFP Student Action YouTube channel. Their Twitter account and their website, www.tfpstudentaction.org.
www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com I don't recommend their website except for news. I use it for my own research. Sedevacantist teach lots of errors one of them is that the Novus Ordo Sacraments are invalid and that receiving them in the hand is Mark of the Beast. Mark of the Beast explained by Jesus and me. See my UFO blog post. Sedevacantists try this; Prepare for confession as if the sacraments at your local Novus Ordo Church were valid. If after Confession and Eucharist you feel the power of the sacraments, then they are valid, an easy test. Many Catholics who receive sacraments don't feel anything because they receive them sacrilegiously, that is, while in the state of grave sin.
TradCatKnight YouTube channel. Eric Gajewski (telltale sign) of TradCatKnight is probably a Jew leading people away from the sacraments.

9 channels that everybody must follow: My favorite channels, some of the best at explaining conspiracy fact. There were 2 other channels that could rival Know More News or Johnny Gat but they have been deleted from YouTube.
1. Know More News YouTube channel and his website, www.knowmorenews.org, which will have censored YouTube videos posted soon and it also has videos posted there. His Twitter account and his www.bitchute.com account, and his archive.org account; this is where you can watch and download his censored videos.
2. Johnny Gat videos are very censored and for me he shares the no.1 spot with Know More News. They have same deep penetration into politics and geopolitics but Adam puts out more material. He swears rarely and uses obscenities rarely, so beware if you are watching with family. This is his www.bitchute.com account and his archived videos. His website, www.johnnygat.com is available anonymously via Tor. His new YouTube channel. You can't watch videos on johnnygat.com as they have been deleted from YouTube but when you click on download you can watch or proceed with download if you wish. More links are posted under his videos. Johnny has a list of agents, like Mossad and CIA, across different social media. If you want the list send him an email. In some cases they are just paid or bought for $ disinformation and psyop individuals of various backgrounds. 
3. The Red Elephants YouTube channel and on his second YouTube channel he covers topics of slightly different nature. He's Catholic and has great analysis of basically everything that's going on in the world....Occasionally makes involuntary mistakes like on Brazilian president Bolsonaro but that's why we have Know More News.
Their website, theredelephants.com. This is a conservative American YouTube channel. 
4. TruNews YouTube channel and their Twitter account. They don't brake news or make documentaries with videos or images that much; It's more of a talk news and I like them.
5. Zionist Report on YouTube and in case it gets deleted you can follow them at www.bitchute.com and their website, zionistreport.com.
6. Dr Taylor Marshall YouTube channel and his website taylormarshall.com. Analytical, intelligent and systematic mind. My favorite Catholic to follow.
7. Blackstone Intelligence run by Jake Morphonios, his YouTube channel and in case it gets deleted this is his steemit.com account. This is his website, www.blackstoneintel.com.
This guy has a deep penetrating intelligence especially when it comes to politics. Compromised! Recently made few controversial videos! Is he part of the psyop or just made few videos with extreme amount of ignorance? A video was made on one of the controversial  videos by a channel neverlosetruth which I have known for about 8 years and  is very trustworthy. You might want to check it out. Neverlosetruth was known back then as KafkaWinstonWorld.
8. Jesse Lee Peterson YouTube channel. You can follow him on Twitter and also on his website, jesseleepeterson.com. This is a black man defending common sense and white people and culture. Funny and at the same time sad. Not accurate on politics (ignorance) but I like to watch his interviews which give you an insight into the thinking process of Liberals. 
9. Brandon O"Connell YouTube channel. Swears and uses obscenities, not recommended if you watch with family. Unique and intelligent, brought up front many topics and leading on them like: The Talpiot Program, Kill Switch Diplomacy, Belt and Road Initiative etc. Needs to take a brake and get more on Spiritual side of his life as a Catholic. No need to put out so much material and get overwhelmed. Few of his videos were more then enough like "Barbarians Inside the Gates."

Additional channels covering similar topics as the "must follow" channels:
VoatArchive bitchute account. Covers a lot of daily underground news from "all sources" and it's not not necessarily about Zionism.
Henry Makow Twitter account and his website, www.henrymakow.com. Covers a lot of news across the Internet. He does all the search and you just read. Occasionally takes a brake for few days.
E. Michael Jones YouTube channel. You watch few of his videos or read some of his books and everything else makes more sense.
Activist News YouTube channel and his www.bitchute.com channel in case his YouTube gets deleted, This is his Twitter account. Immodesty in videos sometimes. Activist News could be as good as Know More News or Johnny Gat if he wasn't working a full time job.
Way of the World YouTube channel
Jeff Rense YouTube channel and his website, rense.com, full of news.
108Morris108 YouTube channel
Lift the Veil YouTube channel, this guy is probably a Mossad agent, nonetheless I do occasionally follow him as he does speak lots of truth but leaves lots of it out. Very sneaky person and hides his Zio background very good as he has emotional intelligence and was an actor. Watch this video of him at Gematria Effect News: Lift the Veil gets itchy & prays while explaining why he doesn't discuss Gematria
Br. Nathanael's YouTube channel and his videos backup website in case they get deleted from YouTube and his news website, www.realjewnews.com.
The Antedote YouTube channel. Similar to Brandon O'Connell.
David Duke website, davidduke.com
channel gets deleted. I don't recommend this one as he uses lots of immodest and impure images in his videos.
Nicholas DeVincenzo YouTube channel
NewsNotShownonTV YouTube channel and his website, www.newsnotshownontv.com
Zionist Watch Twitter account. This covers more of Zionist brainwashing in United Kingdom. 
martyleeds33 Videos
RedIceTV on YouTube and in case his YouTube channel gets deleted you can follow on www.bitchute.com/redicetv.
RTR TRUTH MEDIA YouTube channel
Wardo Rants bitchute channel. His YouTube channel got deleted long time ago. Swears on some of his videos.

MSM, GENERAL, geopolitics, daily news:
RT-Russia Today on YouTube and their website, www.rt.com.
RT America YouTube channel
www.stevequayle.com, Covers a lot of daily news.
www.foreignpolicyjournal.com (Paul Craig Roberts here)
Press TV YouTube channel and their website, www.presstv.com.
Russia Insight YouTube channel
Fox News on YouTube
TRT World News on YouTube
Benn Swann YouTube channel
The Real News Network YouTube channel

Conspiracy and YouTube channels and news that cover wide range of topics: 
RichieFromBoston YouTube channel and his website, therealrichiefromboston.com.
Activist Post Website at, www.activistpost.com 
Paul joseph Watson YouTube channel
rense.com, Covers a lot of daily and weird news.
Truthstream Media YouTube Channel and their website, www.truthstreammedia.com.
reallygraceful YouTube channel 
neverlosetruth YouTube channel
cindy garay YouTube channel
James Munder YouTube channel. Not following much except few concessional visits. Recently was Gang stalked so I did watch some of those videos.
Representative Press YouTube channel and his blog, representativepress.blogspot.com.
WeAreChange YouTube channel and their website, wearechange.org. This channel and Luke have been compromised by Israeli PSYOP. Channel is run by a Jew. Nonetheless I watch his videos when he goes into the streets. Few videos to watch him exposed:
1. Luke Rudkowski EXPOSED by Johnny Gat
2. Luke Rudkowski exposed by Chris Dorsey
corbettreport YouTube channel and his website, www.corbettreport.com.
Thecontroversy7 YouTube channel. Lots of nonsense here but has occasional good video.
SGTReport YouTube channel and his website, www.sgtreport.com. Probably a CIA psyop agent pushing Q nonsense. Still following him as he has good info on some topics.

These guys are the best at exposing false flag events ("terrorist attacks") and MSM big lies. Unfortunately their videos are removed when they expose it or are unable even to post anymore:
The Truth Factory YouTube channel. Very sharp observation of events especially terrorist attacks. Uses obscenities sometimes. About last 20 videos, almost completely stopped swearing as I sent her an email about it. Her Twitter account and her www.bitchute.com account, in case her YouTube channel gets deleted.
Supreme Lord Commander Twitter account. He is good at exposing basically everything and is the most censored YouTube channel of all time. He is also the best at exposing false flag events. However, uses too much obscenities in his videos. Not following anymore.
PressResetEarth YouTube channel and his Twitter account.
Redsilverj's YouTube channel and his Twitter account. He is more false flag's and covers popular people and media nonsense. Unable to express himself and explain fully what's going on as YouTube patrols "hate speech".

Press For Truth YouTube channel, and his Twitter. Thinks (ignorance) that some people like Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy are white Nationalists. Here is a video exposing Faith Goldy, for the other two see Know More News and Johnny Gat.
Rebel Media YouTube channel, and their website, www.therebel.media. Exercise caution here as it is run by Zionist Jews who are inciting divisions. They do have good stuff but it's intended to have us fighting each other and promote Zionist agendas. Even laws are passed protecting Jews because of heightened culture wars.See this video by Johnny, Who Screwed Western Civilazation. There are more videos exposing Rebel media by Johnny Gat and Activist News.
Eva Bartlett Twitter account
Canadian Libertarian YouTube channel and his Twitter. Swears sometimes so don't watch with family.
Bryton Cherrier YouTube channel
Lawrence McCurry YouTube channel
CBC news website, www.cbc.ca

Channels that concentrate on realities of every day government work and finance:
grindall61 YouTube channel
X22Report on YouTube. This man puts news in one video. Great for mp3. His website, newzsentinel.com. 
The Money GPS's YouTube channel. He's a Canadian and concentrates more on Banking and Economy.
TFP Student Action YouTube channel
Ami Horowitz YouTube channel
Living Waters YouTube channel
PragerU YouTube channel. Has good stuff but when it comes to politics don't watch as it has Zio J in the background producing the propaganda.

End Times and Natural Disasters YouTube channels:
Jason A YouTube channel and his Facebook Page.
Godrules YouTube channel
The Two Preachers YouTube channel
WORLD NEWS 7 YouTube channel
HawkkeyDavisChannel on YouTube

Other channels of interest:
TruthUnveiled777 YouTube channel. Covers mostly police state like preparations and transformations in the US.
RT The Truth Seeker Documentaries
George Rockwell YouTube channel
Tyranny Unmasked YouTube channel and their website, tyrannyunmasked.us.
Pete Santilli YouTube channel, his website, thepetesantillishow.com and his Twitter account
AdamKokesh YouTube channel

Popular media, exposing media lies, Hollywood and Occultism:
Mark Dice YouTube channel. A Mosssad/CIA agent here to keep you entertained and busy with daily MSM & Hollywood news blunders. Pushing absolute nonsense Illuminati conspiracy theories through his books. Exposed on Conspiracy Explained blog post, once there scroll down to No. 7.  He's a gate keeper from the channels I posted" "everybody needs to follow". A gate keeper for more intelligent people. More on him on Conspiracy Fact Explained blog post, once there scroll down to conspiracy explained, Protocol no. 12.
Black Pilled YouTube channel. He's the best in my opinion at exposing propaganda through Hollywood, movies, TV, commercials.....
TheScariestMovieEver YouTube channel. Exposes the occult in Hollywood and "everywhere" he finds it.
rosette delacroix YouTube channel. Decodes hidden and subliminal messages in movies and general conspiratorial material. Many of her videos are censored or deleted so I recommend her bitchute account which has YouTube banned videos. Here is her website, rosettedelacroix.com. Not very accurate and too naive, ignorant on some of her analysis.
The Vigilant One YouTube channel. Has unique info and concentrates on the coming of Antichrist in Islam known as Dajjal.
Vigilant Vlog (aka. VigilantChristian) YouTube channel. Banned by YouTube, opened a new channel.  Excellent at exposing occult and Satanism in Hollywood. However he is terrible at Theology and wrong on many issues. Not posting anymore due to some addiction problems. I don't follow him as he posts too much immodesty. Compromised to some extent by personal sins but humble and recovering. He said it.... 
A Call For An Uprising YouTube channel
Anonymous Bread YouTube channel

Christian Persecution news:
www.lifesitenews.com and on Facebook
www.lifenews.com and on Facebook

LoneStar1776 YouTube channel

Family News:  

Notable Deleted YouTube channels:
Red Pill Revolution later known as TruthMediaRevolution. This is one of his videos on Trump Playlist. Highly censored as he easily exposed anything you wish. Creative, all encompassing intelligence. 
imsillucalalien old YouTube channel, where he uploaded few videos compared to his main channel which had few videos a day. Also went by the name UnderCoverAlien and more importantly later his main channel went by the name StillSpeakingOut.  He's not uploading videos anymore on old channel and his what was back then new channel was deleted about 2 years ago. Unique, funny and all encompassing creative mind. I downloaded lots of his videos. Used to follow him.
ET Williams aka. Doctor of Common Sense website, commonsensenation.net. This man is incredibly creative and funny. Thinks outside the box. Unfortunately his YouTube channel was deleted long time ago.
Mark Kaye (Catholic) not much active YouTube channel. His Twitter account. His main channel got deleted few years back. Used to cover a wide range of topics in a very creative and funny way. 

All SEEING EYE and this applies to triangle:
Zionist Kabbalah Gang in Hollywood and other Satanists, through the obsessions by demons started using the all seeing eye as a symbol of control, pomp, occultism etc. 
They want to be all seeing, all controlling. The Eye (Satan,demons) can see all and oversee its minions (those under the influence of demons and sin) which are represented by the individual bricks of the pyramid. 
This agenda (obsession=demons) is a very simple one; It is sin glamorized with pomp, movies, music, fashion, "education" and other forms of perversion indoctrination. It is a means to pervert as many people as they can, infecting them with sins and introducing into society various practices of Satanism, most frequently: impurity, occultism, blasphemy and unending list of other sins. A means of perversion is a means to build up the army of the Antichrist.
The all seeing eye was used in Catholic and Christian art and architecture before Zionist Hollywood Gang ever existed, to denote some attributes of God like: Omniscient (All Knowing), Omnipotent (All Powerful) and Omnipresent (Present Everywhere). When used by Zionism and "Hollywood" it shows demonic influence over their conscience. By extension they are satellites of demons.

Tertullian once said: "Diabolos est Dei simia." And that translates into "The devil is God's monkey." What Tertullian meant was that the devil likes nothing better than to ape God.

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