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Monday, 13 February 2012


Apologetics and Other Religions-Encyclopedia
CANON LAW: §2. The sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and the Most Holy Eucharist are interrelated in such a way that they are required for full Christian initiation
How I led Catholics Out of The Church by Steve Wood  
10 Commandments explained by Jesus!
10 Commandments explained
10 Commandments explained to you like never before by a Catholic priest
Catholic Culture by Category
Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. Archives
Fr. William G. Most Works
Over 1000 Catholic Pamphlets: (796 pamphlets and growing) (TRADITIONAL CATHOLICS) (lots of articles here)
Church Militant TV on YouTube and their website

Remnant TV at
Catholic Answers on YouTube

The Multiple Errors of PROTESTANTISM and much more info here
The following are typical areas of misunderstandings between Catholics and Protestants
About Mary 
Mariology, Motherof God list of eBooks
Biblical Q & A about the Virgin Mary
Good things Christians have done in society
Faith & Science Conference Part II-Ph.D. Ricardo Castanon
Astronomy Pictures

All eBooks listed are in public domain, are not copyright or there has been given a permission by the author for free distribution: which means they are all legally free.
Copyright laws in most countries are in a constant state of change. Check the laws of your country before downloading, copying, displaying, performing, distributing or creating derivative works based on this work. 

Apparently 2 best books on Introduction to Christianity and Philosophy, simple and basic:
1. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. borrow only 
2. An Introduction to Philosophy for Young People by Dough McManaman. May be read online at
Use FlashGot Mass Downloader, select box indicating links and download it in seconds. Once downloaded you can convert it to any format you want using online, free ebook converters.
1. MY CATHOLIC FAITH by the Rev. Louis Laravoir Morrow. May be copied online at
2. The Commandments explained, according to the teaching and doctrine of the Catholic Church by Arthur Devine. ebook and here
3. The Creed Explained by the Rev. Arthur Devine. ebook

4. The Creed Explained by Michael Muller. ebook  
5. Our Christian Heritage by James Cardinal Gibbons. ebook
6. The Principles of Christian Apologetics by Rev. T. J. Walshe. ebook and here
7. The externals of the Catholic church: her government, ceremonies, festivals, sacramentals, and devotions, by Rev. John Francis Sullivan. ebook
8. Guide to a Catholic Church: for non-Catholic visitors; in which the meaning of various objects of devotion is simply explained, and a short exposition given of the main points of Catholic belief, with the prayers of the chief services in Latin and English, by Fox, W. L., O’Gorman, R. A. ebook
9. The Catholic Church in Action, by Michael Williams, with the collaboration of Julia Kernan, completely revised by Zsolt Aradi. ebook
10. Christ's Kingdom on Earth; or, The Church and Her Divine Constitution, Organization and Framework by Meagher, Jas. L. ebook and here
11. The Mission of the Church, by Charles Couturier, S.J., translated by A. V. Littledale. ebook
12. The Manual of the Holy Catholic Church, Part 2, embracing: First Part: The beautiful teachings of the holy Catholic Church simplified and explained in the form of questions and answers…, the whole supported by Fifteen Hundred Proofs from the Sacred Scriptures; Second Part: Light from the altar; or, The true Catholic in the church of Christ…; To which is added a Catholic home dictionary and cyclopedia…; The whole adapted… by the Rev. James J. McGovern. ebook or here 
13. Catholicism by George Brantl. PDF
14. The Catechism of the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas. ebook or here
15. Catechism of St. Pope Pius X (ca. 1880). PDF
16. The Baltimore Catechism PDF
17.  A Basic Catholic Catechism, by Fr.William G. Most (1990). May be copied online at EWTN Library and Catholic Culture.
18. Catechism of the Council of Trent by Rev. J. Donovan. ebook and here   
19. Catechism of the Catholic Church Online
20. Catholic Apologetics Today: Answers to Modern Critics by Fr. William G. Most. May be copied from
21. The Cathetical Instructions of St. Thomas Aquinas. PDF 
22. The Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam. ebook
23. I am Glad You Asked! Apologetics by St. Charles Borromeo C. Church. PDF
24. Epiphany: A Theological Introduction to Catholicism by Aidan Nichols O.P. May be read online at

The Catechism of Rodez explained in form of sermons; a work equally useful to the clergy, religious communities, and faithful, by Abbé Luche, curé of Montbazens, John Thein (St Louis, Mo.: B. Herder, 1898). ebook and here

26. An Advanced Catechism of Catholic Faith and Practice by Re. Thomas J. O'Brien. ebook and here
27. A Christian apology: Volume 1, God and Nature, by Paul Schanz. ebook
A Christian apology: Volume 2, God and Revelation, by Paul Schanz. ebook
A Christian apology: Volume 3, The Church, by Paul Schanz. ebook

28. Apologetica; Elementary Apologetics for Pulpit and Pew, by Patrick Albert Halpin. ebook
29. Catholic Christianity: or, The Reasonableness of Our Religion, by Oliver Rodie Vassall-Phillips. ebook
30. Catholic Belief, by Joseph Faà Di Bruno. ebook and here
31. Why I Became a Catholic by Cardinal Henry E. Manning. ebook 
32. God, Man and Religion: being part I of a short apologetic series, by Ernest R. Hull, S.J. ebook
33. Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton. ebook
34. The threshold of the Catholic Church: a course of plain instructions for those entering her communion, by John B Bagshawe. ebook and here
35. A Treatise on the Church, by Heinrich Klee, translated by Edward Cox. ebook and here
36. Apologia pro Vita Sua by John Henry (Cardinal) Newman. ebook and PDF
37. A Course of Religious Instruction for Catholic Youth by John Gerard. ebook 
38. The Principles of Catholic Apologetics: Study of Modernism based chiefly on the Lectures of Pere Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.'s by Garrigou-Lagrange, Réginald, O.P. & Walshe, Fr. T. J. ebook
39. The Catholic Encyclopedia; An International Work of Reference on the Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline and History of the Catholic Church. 
Download all 14 Volumes here
40. Formation of Christendom by T.W. Allies. He converted to Catholicism and wrote the Formation of Christendom.
All 8 Volumes 
41. Christian Apology by Paul Schanz. 
Volume 1 
Volume 2 
Volume 3 
42. An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism of Christian Doctrine. ebook  
43. Grace, Predestination and the Salvific will of God: New Answers to Old Questions by Fr. William G. Most. May be read or copied online at:
44. The Holy Spirit and the Church by Fr. William G. Most. May be copied or read online at

1. History of Protestant Reformation by William Cobbet. ebook
2. The Faith of Our Fathers by James Cardinal Gibbons. ebook and 1917 edition
3. Ecce Fide- Pillar of Truth by Fr. John J. Pasquini. ebook
4. And You Will Know the Truth: How to Defend and Explain The Catholic Faith, by Sebastian R. Fama. ebook
4. The History of Heresies and Their Refutation; or, the Triupmh of the Church. Transalated from the Italian of St. Alphonsus M. Liguori, by the Rev. John T. Mullock, of the Order of St. Frances. ebook or PDF 
5. An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, by John Henry Newman, 6th ed. (1878) Available in multiple formats at and Project Gutenberg, and may be read online at Newman Reader and Cambridge Books Online. The 7th edition (1890) is available in multiple formats here at Internet Archive with a second copy here and at Open Library with a second copy here
6. Against Heresies by St. Justine Martyr. May be read online at and PDF 
7. The Catholic Controversy by St. Francis de Sales, Defense Of the Faith. ebook
or you may read it online:
8. Christian Apologetics: A Defence of The Catholic Faith, by Rev. Devivier, Walter S.J. ebook
9. Radio Replies: In Defense of Religion by the Rev. Dr. Rumble and Rev. Charles Mortimer Carty. All 3 Volumes
10. The Errors of Protestantism from the website PDF
11. The Summa Contra Gentiles by St. Thomas Aquinas.
Volume I 
Volume II 
12. The Catholic Church the Teacher of Mankind: for the instruction of Catholic parent in defense of the Faith.
Volume 1 
Volume 2 
Volume 3
13. The Fairest Argument for Our Non-Catholic Friends by John Francis Noll. ebook
14. Our Christian Heritage by James Cardinal Gibbons. ebook
15. The Charity of the Church, A Proof of Her Divinity by Cardinal Baluffi. ebook 
16. Catholic Controversy: a Reply to Dr. Littledale’s Plain Reasons, by Henry Ignatius Ddley Ryder. ebook or here
17. Which is the True Church by Allnatt C.F.B. ebook 
18. The True Religion: Being the Grounds of the Catholic Faith by Messenger, Ernest C. ebook 
19. Characteristics of the Early Church by J.J. Burke. ebook
20. The Government of the Church in the First Century: an Essay on the Beginnings of the Christian Ministry, by William Moran. ebook
21. The Beginnings of Christianity by Shahan, Thomas Joseph. ebook
22. From Tarsus to Rome: the story of the first Christian Hierarchy, by Herman Joseph Heuser. ebook
23. The Orthodox Eastern Church by Adrian Fortescue. ebook
James Likoudis' Page (Orthodox Convert) 
24. FILIOQUE: A Response to Eastern Orthodox Concerns, by Mark J. Bonocore. May be read online on this page and available in PDF format on this page of Catholic Bridge.  
25. The Lesser Eastern Churches by Adrian Fortescue. ebook
26. Quick Ten-Step Refutation of Sola Scriptura, by Dave Armstrong. booklet
28. The Roots of the Reformation by Karl Adam. Online full text
29. The Great Heresies by Hilaire Bellock. Online full text
30. Christianity in a Conflict: A Catholic View of Protestantism by Fr. John A. Hardon. ebook 
31. The Chief Points of Difference Between the Catholic and Protestant Creeds by F. Laun. ebook 
32. The Fisheaters wham-bam thank you ma’am conversion book by Tracy Tucciarone (for Protestants). PDF  
33. Heretics, by G.K. Chesterton. ebook and htm
34. Luther's own statements concerning his teaching and its results. Taken exclusively from the earliest and best editions of Luther's German and Latin works 3rd ed. By Henry C. O'Connor. ebook
35. Survivals and New Arrivals by Hilaire Belloc. Online at 
36. The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens by Vox Day. PDF
37. A Catholic Critique of Jehovah’s Witnesses (Knights of Columbus, 1963). ebook
38. Answers to a Jewish enquirer, by Théodore Ratisbonne. ebook
39. The Inquisition: a Critical and Historical Study of the Coercive Power of the Church by Elphege Vacandard. ebook
Four Myths about the Crusades
40. The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response: A Pastoral Letter on War and Peace, by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. PDF [While the document deals with issues unique to its time—the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war—its recapitulation and analysis of the theory of just war remains timely and useful.]
41. The Chair of Peter or the Papacy: considered in its institution, development, and organization and in the benefits which, for over eighteen centuries, it has conferred on mankind, by Murphy, John Nicholas. ebook 
42. The See of St. Peter by  T.W. Allies. ebook 
43. Cathedra Petri: or, The titles and prerogatives of St. Peter, and of his see and successors; as described by the early fathers, ecclesiastical writers, and councils of the church, by C.F.B. Allnatt. ebook and PDF 
44. The Mother of Christ or The Blessed Virgin in Catholic Tradition, Theology and Devotion by Vassall Phillips. ebook
45. Reasonableness of Catholic Ceremonies and Practices, by John J. Burke. full text
and at
46. How Christ said the First Mass by Rev. James L. Meagher. ebook
47. Glories of the Catholic Church by John Gilmary Shea. 
Volume 1 
Volume 2 
Volume 3 or the whole 3 volumes in one ebook
48. Glories of the Catholic Church in Art, Architecture and History; comprising 256 superb photographic views, with graphic commentary, legend and description, by eminent Catholic writers, edited by Maurice Francis Egan. ebook  
49. The Future Life: According to the Authority of Divine Revelation, the Dictates of Sound Reason, the General Consent of Mankind by Joseph Casimir Sasia. ebook
50. Orthodoxy by Gilbert K. Chesterton. ebook
51. Paradoxes of Catholicism by Robert Hugh Benson. ebook
52. The Consciousness of Christ by Fr. William G. Most. May be copied online at  
53. Come Rack! Come Rope! by Robert Hugh Benson. ebook
54. Catholic Problems in Western Canada by George Thomas Daly. ebook
MODERNISM and Conspiracy FACT

Sola Scriptura -LOL 
Individual Interpretation of the Bible is Prohibited by Holy Scripture 
Have I Then Become Your Enemy Because I Tell You the Truth?
The Legacy left by Martin Luther, the first Protestant!
Lutheran Insulter

What is Truth?

Truthful and Thoughtful Replies to False Charges
Where Are We Today?

Catholic Church Documents related to Biblical Studies
Curricula: Sacred Scripture  
Biblical Resources  
Scripture Catholic
Catholic Biblical Apologetics   
Defenders of the Catholic Faith links  
Bible, Liturgy, Art and Theology Resources, Felix Just S.J. 
Catholic Bibles and Bible Study

Encyclopedia Articles (Pertaining to Scripture)
Aquinas Study Bible
Doctrinal Concordance of the Bible
The Multiple Errors of PROTESTANTISM and much more here

The following are typical areas of misunderstandings between Catholics and Protestants
Problems with the King James Version  
Who gave us the Bible in English?
Sola which Scripruta The KJV vs. NKJV
All eBooks listed are in public domain, are not copyright or there has been given a permission by the author for free distribution: which means they are all legally free.
Copyright laws in most countries are in a constant state of change. Check the laws of your country before downloading, copying, displaying, performing, distributing or creating derivative works based on this work.

1. Biblia Clerus: Revised Standard Version (1966) with Concordance. The most authoritative Commentary on the Bible: Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, Saints, Magisterium of the Church.....  May be accessed online at the Congregation for the Clergy, of the Holy See, and may be downloaded through this page. [N.B., This is a stunningly useful resource for spiritual reading, homiletics, and scholarship. Just click the “COMMENT” link on the top of each Scriptural chapter, and the Navigation Column on the left will show active links to relevant commentaries and passages from the documents of the magisterium, liturgical texts, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, Denzinger, and the Catechisms. Also available in Latin, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.]
2. Douay-Rheims Bible, New Testament. EPUB and Old and New Testaments. PDF
3. Where We Got the Bible; Our Debt to the Catholic Church by the Right Rev. Henry G. Graham. ebook
4. The Canon of Scripture and Salvation: The Bible came out of the Catholic (Universal) Church and so does Salvation [Tract], by Frederick P. Pogorzelski. Available in PDF and DOC format and may be read online at Catholic Evangelism.
5. Truth of the English Translations Examined by Thomas Ward. ebook   
6. The Complete Bible: Why Catholics Have Seven More Books [Tract]. Available in PDF format on this page of Catholic United for the Faith.
7. Concerning the Bible: its use and abuse, John Stephen Vaughan. ebook
8. Basic Scripture by Fr. William G. Most. May be copied online
9. The truths of the Catholic religion proved from Scripture alone : in a series of popular discourses chiefly addressed to non-Catholics by Thomas Butler.
Volume 1 ebook  
Volume 2 ebook
10. The Faith of Catholics, Confirmed by Scripture, and Attested by the Fathers of the Five First Centuries of the Church, compiled by Revs. Joseph Berington and John Kirk. ebook 
11. Catholic Apologetics Guide 101 by Adadzie, Godwin Delali. ebook
12. The Fisheaters wham-bam thank you ma’am conversion book by Tracy Tucciarone (for Protestants). Make your Protestant friend a Catholic with just this booklet and King James Version Bible. PDF  
13. Quick Ten-Step Refutation of Sola Scriptura, by Dave Armstrong. ebook
14. The Catholic Understanding of the Bible by John A. Hardon, S.J. PDF 
15. The Most Theological Collection: Free From All Error: Authorship, Inerrancy, Historicity of Scripture, Church Teaching, and Modern Scripture Scholars. May be copied online at
16. On the Inerrancy of Scripture by Fr. Thomas Bolin, OSB. PDF
17. The Bible and the Rule of Faith, by Abbe Louis Nazaire Bégin, translated by G.M. Ward. ebook
18. Chapters of Bible Study by the Rev. Herman J. Heuser. ebook 
19. Practical handbook for the study of the Bible and of Bible literature by Michael Seisenberger. ebook 
20. General Introduction to the Study of the Holy Scriptures by Francis E. Gigot. ebook
21. A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture for the use of those who teach Bible History by Rev. Frederic Justus Knecht. ebook
22. Catholic Biblical Apologetics by Dr. Robert J. Schihl and Paul D. Flanagan. PDF
23. Outlines of New Testament History by Gigot, Francis Ernest Charles. ebook  
24. Special Introduction to the Study of the Old Testament by Francis E. Gigot.
Volume 1  
Volume 2
25. The Catholic Student's "Aids" to the Bible by Hugh Pope. ebook 
26. The Four Gospels Examined and Vindicated on Catholic Principles by Archbishop Michael Heiss. ebook
27. St. Thomas Aquinas-Cantena Aurea-A Commentary on the Gospels.
Cantena Aurea ONLINE
Volume 1
St. Matthew-Part 1-3: 
ebook 1
ebook 2 
ebook 3  
Volume 2-St. Mark:
Volume 3-St. Luke-Part 1-2:
ebook 1
ebook 2
Volume 4-St. John-Part 1-2:
ebook 1
ebook 2
28. An Exposition of the Gospels, Consisting of an Analysis of each Chapter and of a Commentary, Critical, Exegetical, Doctrinal and Moral, Fourth Edition, Revised and Corrected, by Dr. John MacEvilly, Archbishop of Tuam.
St. Matthew 
St. Luke 
St. John 
Acts of the Apostles 
The Epistle of St. Paul
volume 1 
volume 2 
30. The Bible And Rationalism or, Answers to Difficulties by B. Herder.
Volume 1 
Volume 2 and here
Volume 3 
Volume 4 
31. Outlines of New Testaments History by Francis E. Gigot. ebook
32. Code of Canon Law 1917, English: A commentary and summary of the New Code of Canon Law by Rev. Stanislaus WoyWod. ebook
33. Elements of Ecclesiastical Law, by S.B. Smith.
Volume I ebook
Volume II ebook
Volume III ebook

34. A Dictionary of Canon Law, 2nd revised edition, by the Rev. P. Trudel. ebook
35. The Four Gospels Examined and Vindicated on Catholic Principles by Rev. M. Heiss. ebook
36. Explanation of the Epistles and Gospels for Sundays, Holidays and Festivals Throughout the Ecclesiastical Year by Rev. Leonard Goffine. ebook
37. Ecclesiastical Dictionary: Ecclesiastical, Biblical, Archeological and Historical Subjects by Re. John Thein. ebook and second copy
38. Protestantism and Infidelity by F.X. Weninger. ebook
39. To Tell You the Whole Truth about the Catholic Church and the Bible. PDF
40. The Biblical Basis for Tradition on John Salzas website:
MORE E-books on Bibles and Commentaries

Syllabus of Modern Errors 
Illustration of the History of the Catholic Church
Seven Lies About Catholic History  
Oath Against Modernism 
The Church
The Church is One

The Church is Holy

The Church is Catholic

The Church is Apostolic

Communion of Saints

The Church Triumphant

Veneration of the Saints

The Church Suffering

What is the History of Your Church

The history of the Church, with short answers to a few common questions.
1. A General History of the Christian Era: For Catholic Colleges and Reading Circles and for A. Guggenberger, S.J.

Volume I AND another copy
Volume II 
Volume III 
2. A Manual of Church History by F.X. Funk.
Volume I. ebook
Volume II. ebook
3. Catholic religion; a statement of Christian teaching and history Charles Alfred. ebook
4. Compendium of Church History by the Sisters of Notre Dame, Namur. ebook
5. Christ in His Church by Lucas Caspar Businger and others. ebook
6. The Dynamics Of World History, by Christopher Dawson. ebook
7. A HISTORY OF THE CHURCH, To the Eve of the Reformation by Msgr. Philip Hughes. All three volumes in one, may be copied or converted from 
8. A General History of the Catholic Church by Joseph Epiphane Darras. Volumes 1-4
9. Some Lies and Errors of History by Reuben Parson. ebook
10. The Lives of popes in the Early Middle Ages by Mann, Horace K. download all Volumes here
11. A Short History of the Catholic Church by Hermann Wedewer. ebook   
12. A History of the Catholic Church by Mourret-Thompson.  
8 volumes in PDF format or download the last PDF format that's the whole ebook, all 8 volumes in one.
13. The Church in Crisis: A History of the General Councils, 325-1870, by Philip Hughes. With Imprimatur (1960). Available at Documenta Catholica Omnia and Christus Rex and full text at
14. Studies in Church History by Rev. Reuben Parsons. All 6 Volumes
15. Discourse on Universal History by Jacques-Benigne Bossuet. PDF
16. History of the Catholic Church from the Renaissance to the French Revolution,, by Rev. James Maccaffrey.
Volume I 
Volume II
17. The Primitive Church and the See of Peter, by Luke Rivington. ebook
18. Dark Pages of English History by J.R. Willington. ebook 
MORE E-books on History


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed documentary
Scientists prove Almighty God's existence through Science documentary

Evolution - Fact or Belief - Geology - Stratification - Sedimentary Layering documentary 
Unlocking the Mystery of Life documentary
Scientists under Attack documentary
The Privileged Planet documentary
The Case For Christ documentary

Evolution: Fact or Belief documentary 
Few more videos on Creationism and here

New Proofs for the Existence of God by Robert J. Spitzer
Science + God

Design vs. Evolution
Intelligent Design:
Evolution Watch: World Net Daily
Intelligent Scientist “Expelled” by Illuminati read it at
Plant geneticist: Darwinian Evolution is impossible
Creation Rediscovered by Gerard Keane
A Scientific discussion leading to the existence of the soul
Arguments for the existence of God
Dr. Kent Hovind's Debates
Creation Science:
Creation Links

The Institute For Creation Research
Dr. Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelism
Creation Ministries International
Creation Research Society
The Age of the Earth watch it on YouTube
In this video Dr. Kent Hovind is ignorant of Catholic teaching “on becoming like God” and is judgmental toward Catholic theologians but the Holy Spirit explains it here.

1. Religions of the World and How the Fifty-Eight Grandsons of Noe and Their Descendants Founded the Nations After the Flood by Rev. James L. Meagher. PDF

Most prophecies are taken from Catholic prophet and mystic Maria Valtorta. Church judgment and more information about her on my MAIN PAGE.